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Our Trainers

Kacey Letran

Through many years of dedication and education, Kacey has become an extremely successful and confident trainer and business woman. Kacey's passion for the beauty industry has led her to become the director of the well-known franchise, Neonails, where she has a high reputation of being friendly and welcoming, whilst also hard working and passionate. Kacey’s many years of education and experience have led her to be a highly flexible and dedicated trainer, who has adapted to be able to train all skill levels to a highly professional standard.


Kacey has attained many qualifications, including her Diploma of Salon Management, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Certificates of Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Traditional Thai Massage, Certificate III in Nail
Technology, Diploma of Beauty Therapy and many more.

Kacey strives to ensure her staff and students receive a high-quality education, and she continuously works to be able to provide this for them.

Recently, she has been leading AMBI to deliver RTO courses throughout the nation, and CRICOS courses to international students from New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam…

Tania Dobbie

Tania Dobbie is a passionate senior massage therapist and a professional trainer.

She is mastering health traditions such as cupping, traditional east-west cupping, body rolling therapy… experiencing a practical motivative training method, which contributes to her professional massage education.

With 11 years of experience working in Seattle (US) as the department head, assistant educator and massage therapist, she constantly receives high-value rewards in the US massage industry.


Since her return to Australia, she has joined the AMBI trainer team as a senior trainer.

Gail Baldwin

Through 12 years of experience in many massage types including Thai massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy Massage, Sport Massage and Spa, Pregnancy Massage and Myofascial Release Massage, Gail has had the opportunity to open and run 4 massage shops. Whilst running her shops, Gail has trained over 50 massage therapists, and continues to share her knowledge and train them further each day. 


Gail has successfully attained her Diploma of Remedial Massage Australia, Certificate IV in
Traditional Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Foot reflexology Massage and many more. Gail is a passionate massage therapist, who has collaborated with doctors, sports trainers and other alternative therapy programs, to be able to perform precautionary and rehabilitative treatment to athletes, and to further extend her knowledge to share with her therapists and clients.

June Margaret Favelle

June Margaret Favelle has a wide academic knowledge in all aspects of education focused on multiple massage therapies.

She has operated and owned several of her own massage therapy practices in Sydney since 1996.


Her academic level, experience and her energetic personality has led her to become a passionate individual with a positive approach to all that she does. These qualities assist her in motivating and inspiring her peers and students of massage therapy.

Mengting Hu

Mengting Hu has impressively obtained almost a full set of fashion and beauty qualifications, all of which are internationally recognised, and have assisted in completing her professional tasks in all aspects of domestic and international beauty industry.

Qualified as an international beauty artist, Mengting Hu was one of the judges of the 8th Seoul International Beauty Artist Expo Competition and the 2nd Toronto International Fashion Competition.

With a great passion of an international artist, Mengting Hu is a motivated trainer that loves sharing experiences and knowledge with her students and fellow staff members.

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