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Course Description

Performing Eyebrow and Face Threading services are becoming popular as it accentuates the eyes beautifully and offers a much finer, more defined and professional finish.


When you attend our course, you will learn how to perform professional treatments, techniques on removing hairs to a professional standard and select products you will use on your treatments. With our experienced and professional trainer, we will help you to gain the confidence and practice to improve your skills in threading.

This fun class is highly recommend for the beauty therapist who wants to learn new things and boost their income. If you are not in the beauty industry, you still can learn this course as there is no required knowledge and skills that you need to have to learn these amazing techniques!

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this short course

Delivery Methods

Classroom Delivery

Assessment Methods

Written Assessments (can include):

  • Short answer questions

  • Case study

  • Exam/quiz

  • Assignment/Project

  • Practical Assessment

  • Practical demonstration

  • Observation

  • Role play

For the latest updates, more information, course locations, prices, course duration, and upcoming intake dates, contact us via email at or call us at (02) 8076 2248.

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